Spring gardening at GeorgeIV St

We had a sunny and very warm gardening session at our GeorgeIV St edible space. It was so full of dandelions that we could’t even see the strawberries anymore!


After a bit of weeding, flowering strawberry plants finally appeared 🙂

DSC02437bis  DSC02440bis


We also removed quite some rubbish.



Spring gardening

We had such a sunny day for our gardening event at our Daily Dread Space. After adding more soil, planting, sowing and putting support for the beans, the garden looks so great!

Come and harvest some sage, rosemary, chive and marjoram. Like in all our gardens, they are free for everyone 🙂

DSC01938bis  DSC01951bis



Art workshop exhibition

The Grove school organized an exhibition to showcase all the wonderful artworks the kids produced, inspired by our Daily Bread Growing Space. They also came to visit the space and discovered the art sculptures made by Jayne. What a great project it was!

IMG_9901bis  IMG_9905

Pumpkin festival Swap and Share

We had a great time at the fresh produce swap and share stall at the Pumpkin Festival Farmer’s Market. Thanks a lot to Dave for the giant pumpkin and other vegetables and to all other growers who shared (and swapped) their produce! We not only managed to give the full pumpkin bit by bit, but we also had fun giving it a funny face.

DSC01578bis   DSC01579bis DSC01580bis DSC01583bis

Food Swap and Share

We had a wonderful day at Daily Bread’s 25th Birthday, swapping and giving vegetables. Many great stalls and the sun was even here most of the day!

Thanks a lot to everyone who was involved and gave food surplus from their gardens and allotments. It’s was so encouraging to see many people being enthousiastic about giving and sharing food, and about all Transition projects.

DSC01295_bis   DSC01301_bis

DSC01297_bis   DSC01305_bis

We also managed to give the giant pumpkin, piece by piece 🙂




Stall at Kettle’s Yard event

We had so much fun at Kettle’s Yard Open House Gathering at North Cambridge Academy! There were many people, despite the rain, with whom we had great discussions about what we do at Growing Spaces 🙂

DSC01289bis   DSC01293bis

Our next event will be the Fresh Produce Swap and Share on 30th September at Daily Bread. We hope to see many of you for this special day!


September Gardening Club

We had a wonderful weather for our Gardening club at 37 Lawrence Way! We prepared pots and sowed herbs for everyone to take back home. Everything is growing so well in this garden and we could even harvest some rhubarb and herbs.

Our next gardening club will be on 7th October. Save the date, as there will be plenty of tomatoes to harvest!

DSC01226bis   DSC01230bis

DSC01232bis   DSC01233bis