Romsey fruit aisle on Wycliffe Road cleanup

The space was completely overgrown. The blackberry bush from the other side of the fence has spread over to our side and there was other growth of great magnitude and variety.

I’ve cut quite a bit of the bush from the other side of the fence to give the space more sunlight.

Then I have removed all the plants I didn’t like. It looks like I don’t like most plants because this was the result:

20181111_123725-3 20181111_123725-0

There are a few raspberries – quite tiny, they’re not doing great – and currants. The currants struggled in the undergrowth but they are healthy, this one is the biggest:


I reckon the space is not worth much effort, but it’s worth some effort. It’s by a fence and under trees so it’s always going to be quite shady. On the other hand, there was already a lot of work put in there, and it does not take much to keep it going.

I think the currants can cope now. They should give a handful of fruit, and we can also propagate them in the space – through cuttings, or by rooting branches – and plant them somewhere cool.

Fruit trees in Romsey

I came there with a friend following a map and we really weren’t sure we’re at the right spot, it looks like that:

Romsey site

The dot on the map shows it well but otherwise it’s not easy to see that the bushes by the fence may be of any interest 🙂


I was lost and looking around for signs, and then finally there was one, it said currant bush:

Romsey site sign on the currant bush


The other bushes have no signs and it’s all quite overgrown and messy. It’s also very salvageable – the site is not trashed, and importantly the bushes are in good health and they have grown for quite a few years now so they can have lots of fruit if we give them a chance.


We’ll have an event to tidy up the site later this year – just remove stuff that’s overgrowing the bushes, maybe scatter woodchips around bushes so that the weeds don’t grow and it looks more intentional. Do let wojtek<at> know if you’re interested!

Ashley court garden

The site is by the Blue Moon pub, next to a nice lawn. I’ve been passing by many times, and never noticed there’s an edible garden there!


Everything’s in rude health. Clean, no weeds, clearly somebody cares. The mint is growing particularly well, there’s plenty under the bush here:



I also saw other herbs. Chive is cut down pretty low, somebody harvested it recently – it’s a small, round and dense patch of chive so probably somebody bought a living pot in a supermarket and planted it there there.


Do have some mint tea if you’re from the area before it dies off for the winter 🙂 And high five if it’s you who was looking after the space!

Co-creation of our George IV street site!

We won’t garden there any more. The space didn’t really work out – Sandra told me the compost was full of dandelion seeds that they always had to weed. It’s around a tree, in the shade, just next to the dumpster, and we did nothing there for a while. We can always return, but for now I made an executive decision to cease activity, and packed up the sign.

We’re not even needed there 🙂 There’s already a thriving, beautiful edible garden in the communal area of the estate.

The sign says, Hanover & Princess Court Community garden:

Hanover and Princess court


Margaret Wright orchard in the autumn

I took a friend to see how the orchard is doing and take some photos. It’s being looked after. There was freshly cut grass in the compost, and the leftover apples got tidied up.

Margaret wright orchard October 2018

Margaret Wright orchard Abbey apple trees

There are some unused beds, without much soil and mostly overgrown. I’ve cleared up one to plant winter wheat. I’ve asked my friend to thresh the grain – I’m not sure if it actually helps, maybe putting it in the ground with the husks is actually better!  – and I’ve weeded the bed, and brought lots of compost in. I’ve filled up the bottom of the bed with stuff – twigs first, then some fresh compost that I didn’t have to dig, then the good compost with soil on top.

Then we’ve sowed the seeds in two rows.


Spring gardening at GeorgeIV St

We had a sunny and very warm gardening session at our GeorgeIV St edible space. It was so full of dandelions that we could’t even see the strawberries anymore!


After a bit of weeding, flowering strawberry plants finally appeared 🙂

DSC02437bis  DSC02440bis


We also removed quite some rubbish.



Spring gardening

We had such a sunny day for our gardening event at our Daily Dread Space. After adding more soil, planting, sowing and putting support for the beans, the garden looks so great!

Come and harvest some sage, rosemary, chive and marjoram. Like in all our gardens, they are free for everyone 🙂

DSC01938bis  DSC01951bis



Art workshop exhibition

The Grove school organized an exhibition to showcase all the wonderful artworks the kids produced, inspired by our Daily Bread Growing Space. They also came to visit the space and discovered the art sculptures made by Jayne. What a great project it was!

IMG_9901bis  IMG_9905