Romsey fruit aisle on Wycliffe Road cleanup

The space was completely overgrown. The blackberry bush from the other side of the fence has spread over to our side and there was other growth of great magnitude and variety.

I’ve cut quite a bit of the bush from the other side of the fence to give the space more sunlight.

Then I have removed all the plants I didn’t like. It looks like I don’t like most plants because this was the result:

20181111_123725-3 20181111_123725-0

There are a few raspberries – quite tiny, they’re not doing great – and currants. The currants struggled in the undergrowth but they are healthy, this one is the biggest:


I reckon the space is not worth much effort, but it’s worth some effort. It’s by a fence and under trees so it’s always going to be quite shady. On the other hand, there was already a lot of work put in there, and it does not take much to keep it going.

I think the currants can cope now. They should give a handful of fruit, and we can also propagate them in the space – through cuttings, or by rooting branches – and plant them somewhere cool.