Fruit trees in Romsey

I came there with a friend following a map and we really weren’t sure we’re at the right spot, it looks like that:

Romsey site

The dot on the map shows it well but otherwise it’s not easy to see that the bushes by the fence may be of any interest 🙂


I was lost and looking around for signs, and then finally there was one, it said currant bush:

Romsey site sign on the currant bush


The other bushes have no signs and it’s all quite overgrown and messy. It’s also very salvageable – the site is not trashed, and importantly the bushes are in good health and they have grown for quite a few years now so they can have lots of fruit if we give them a chance.


We’ll have an event to tidy up the site later this year – just remove stuff that’s overgrowing the bushes, maybe scatter woodchips around bushes so that the weeds don’t grow and it looks more intentional. Do let wojtek<at> know if you’re interested!