Co-creation of our George IV street site!

We won’t garden there any more. The space didn’t really work out – Sandra told me the compost was full of dandelion seeds that they always had to weed. It’s around a tree, in the shade, just next to the dumpster, and we did nothing there for a while. We can always return, but for now I made an executive decision to cease activity, and packed up the sign.

We’re not even needed there 🙂 There’s already a thriving, beautiful edible garden in the communal area of the estate.

The sign says, Hanover & Princess Court Community garden:

Hanover and Princess court


Spring gardening at GeorgeIV St

We had a sunny and very warm gardening session at our GeorgeIV St edible space. It was so full of dandelions that we could’t even see the strawberries anymore!


After a bit of weeding, flowering strawberry plants finally appeared 🙂

DSC02437bis  DSC02440bis


We also removed quite some rubbish.



Raspberry bushes planting at George IV Street Geometric

We planted 3 raspberry bushes in the George IV Street geometric space and added signs. The strawberries survived winter and are starting to grow. This space will be really wonderful during summer! The next step will be to add more shade and dry tolerant plants over spring/summer. It can be annuals or perennials, edible plants or wildlife friendly flowers. If you have any idea send us an email :




Come and see by yourself how the space is really nice!



George IV Street Geometric

This is our second space at Hanover Court, which was quite a bit larger than the first. Some recycling bins were removed from the area, opening up this space underneath a tree. We chose a more geometric pattern with small evergreen shrubs, including Winter Savory, Prostrate Rosemary, Curry, and Silver Thyme. The colours of the leaves will complement each other year-round, and each has a different colour flower.