September Gardening Club

We had a wonderful weather for our Gardening club at 37 Lawrence Way! We prepared pots and sowed herbs for everyone to take back home. Everything is growing so well in this garden and we could even harvest some rhubarb and herbs.

Our next gardening club will be on 7th October. Save the date, as there will be plenty of tomatoes to harvest!

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St. Mark’s Court community veg patch

Our newest Growing Spaces, a community vegetable patch is taking shape in this unused area at St. Mark’s Court. Some strawberries, peas, herbs and other crops were planted for the first time in mid-summer of 2013.

Murray Edwards Community Garden

At Murray Edwards College, students, staff and community members are creating a community garden in a little spare space within the college. A great example of cooperation between lots of different people! Growing Spaces was pleased to help in the preliminary stages and provide some tools, soil and a composter to get things started. The garden has regular gardening days on weekends, so if you’re in the area join in! There is more information and photos on their website and facebook page.

Woodlands Care Centre

At Woodlands Care Centre, in collaboration with Young at Heart, a community project aimed at building links to help bridge the divide between younger and older people, we created two new veg plots and built a raised herb bed. This was based on consultation with the staff and residents, through which we recognized the need to accommodate wheelchair users and those that had reduced mobility. The veg bed continues thanks to a Transition volunteer with family in residence at Woodlands, and in June 2013 a crop of broad beans were harvested and served up as part of a meal for all residents!

Graduate community vegetables

At St. Regis, college graduate housing for Clare College, residents transformed a corner of the lawn into three rich beds producing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. The beds slowly took shape, starting with the original two and then expanding to a third the following year. A herb spiral is a main feature, providing lots of fresh herbs for residents to share. The garden is a great way for people in the building to get to know each other. Last year when new students and their partners moved into the building at the beginning of the academic year they each received a ‘welcome onion’ grown from the garden.

Romsey Community Garden

The Romsey Community Garden is a thriving community garden transformed from a partial lot which had been cut off from the rest of the house and lot adjacent many years before and had become overgrown. With permission from the city council local group Ad-Lib and Transition Cambridge took over, cleared the space and turned it into a beautiful community area that grows fruit, vegetables, flowers, as well as provides a communal meeting space. For more photos and information, visit the Romsey Community Garden website here and check out their new blog here.