Meeting minutes

We had a really nice Growing Spaces meeting on Tuesday 17th January at Anglia Ruskin University with a few new faces 🙂

We first introduced each other and had a very interesting discussion about what is Growing Spaces and how to develop new spaces and make the existing ones flourish.

Here are the main points we discussed:

  • Growing Spaces will have a stall at Trumpington Seedy Sunday on 5th February (13h30 – 16h). You can get more information about Seedy Sunday here. If you have time, please come help out for half an hour! It’s very low key: Study our map, learn and have discussions on what Growing Spaces is all about, meet and great and be a part! Here’s a doodle poll:
  • We will organise tours of our existing and potential spaces for you to discover them (if you don’t know them), but also to discuss what we can do for each space this year and to add signs. It will probably be one tour for the north of the city and another one for the south (in February or March). If you are interested in helping organising, please contact us. More information to come soon!
  • We need carers and gardeners to adopt some of our spaces as some of us left Cambridge! If you think you will have time to adopt a growing space this year, please have a look at our map. Perhaps there is one close to you, just waiting for you! We will give more specific information about the needs of each growing space in the future.

Hoping to see many growing spaces project coming true this year!