Meeting Minutes

Growing Spaces Meeting Agenda Minutes


We had a nice (and quite short) meeting this month to discuss about on-going and future project in Growing Spaces.

– We are organising a tour of the spaces at the north of Cambridge (north of the river). The idea is to see our growing spaces together and decide what we can do for them this year (add signs, contact neighbors, plant more things…). We will start with a visit of the north spaces on the weekends of the 6th or 13th May. Please, could you fill in this doodle to let us know what dates are best for you?

Following the journey bellow we will see these growing spaces (in order):

1- The hidden castle garden

2- Castle Raised beds (potential futur space)

3- Victoria Road throughway (potential futur space

4- Harris Road Raised Beds (potential futur space)

5- The Edible Roundabout

6- 37 Lawrence Way Raised beds

7- Armitage Way Raised beds

8- Daily Bread Raised beds


– We will organise a schedule of the gardening events happening this season to see all spaces this year (one space every 2 weeks). More to come soon!

– News on the Art project at our Daily Bread Space: The art project is close to the end! You can find the story of this wonderful project here!

– Rosie applied on behalf of growing spaces to an offer of a Grow Wild kit for community groups and it just came through!  The kit consists of an oyster mushroom growing kit and two boxes of various kinds of wild flower seeds.  There is a poster in each box with lots of colorful info and stickers.  It seems like a wonderful package, which would be great to use with a bunch of kids.  If you know any school or community group with kids that would do many great things with this, please let us know!

– From the Transition Cambridge hub meeting:

Earth Optimism day in Cambridge is happening on 22nd April. TC will have a stall. You can find more information about this event here.