Meeting minutes (17.02.2016)

Cambridge Growing Spaces

Minutes from Meeting on 17th February 2016


1.Everyone introduced himself/herself. It was nice to meet so many new people!

2. City Council collaboration:

It is currently a very long process and we discussed about how to improve it.

– Toni is going to discuss arranging an easier process with everyone responsible in the city council. (TASK)

– We can propose short term trials (1 month to extend) on some spaces to get faster approval


3. Voucher scheme from the city council in exchange of taking care of their spaces:

– Do we want it?

– We could also try to register to a volunteer scheme to acknowledge what people are doing in growing spaces.

4. Vision (or ambition) of Growing Spaces

Sandra collected replies of everyone about what is growing spaces. She will send the summary to the group to get their opinion and include the improved version on the website.

The about page will be reorganized to include this, the current text and better photos. (TASK)


5. Grant:

Let’s see how much we will do over the next months before to decide if we need to apply for a grant.

For now soil and plants are easy to get for free.

We have to explore how to get wood for free for raised beds (TASK)

If we need money in the future we can raise it by ourselves at one of our events (abundance vegetable swaps, film showings at the missing socks…)


6. Tasks:

Toni made a list of who is doing what in the group. She will circulate it in the group to see if we can fill gaps (TASK)

7. Projects for 2016:

To continue with our activities and enjoy it

More events at our gardens.

> Gardening workshops at regular times, once every 2 weeks each time at a different space? Sandra to organise with space carers (TASK)

> Outreach events (abundance stall, art event …)

> Cycling tour of the spaces in summer (Marie)

> Making/showing films (Rosie with pivotal)

More involvement of the neighbours in each space: We need to enter in contact with them (fliers + events?)

More front garden spaces (blitz?)


8. Plants:

It is the time of the year to start sowing. If everyone could prepare an excess of a different plant, we would have enough of everything.

Rosie is going to send an email to the group to coordinate our effort and be sure we have enough of a variety of plants (TASK)


9. Newsletter:

We will make a trial of a very simple (mainly visual) newsletter, with links to our blog. It would be once a month to start with.