Small Spaces update images

This is a summary of the final photos for all our small spaces. For details of the transformation of each space see the “Small Spaces” page.

A shaded haven

This space was transformed from a lifeless platform for a non-functioning electrical box to a shade-drenched haven for a few select plants. This was a difficult space that we took on as a bit of a challenge, but nature prevailed and the blackcurrant bushes are thriving. The strawberries, chives and wild garlic are also doing surprisingly well in this little area. The residents have since put up a lattice on the wall with the intention of adding in some of their own climbing plants.


A little extra space in this raised bed at Wycliffe Court had just enough room for a couple of lavender plants. Lavender is very low maintenance and the flowers are edible or can be used for their scent.

How to mind a gap

A tiny space outside St. Regis where a gap had formed in the existing landscaping. Since we enjoy harvesting and drying our own rosemary, we planted an extra two bushes outside the front doors of the building, filling in a space that needed a new plant. When we dug down into the space we found several bricks. There’s never any guarantee that your space will be in pristine condition! The rosemary has now quadrupled in size and is enjoying its new home along with irises that were removed from another space we reclaimed and some nasturtiums.

Transforming planters

These four planters on Norfolk Street had been neglected for some time, so we asked the shopkeepers nearby if they wouldn’t mind if we cleaned them up and put in a few herbs. They were more than happy with that, so we took out a big bag of rubbish, weeds and cigarette butts and planted some chives, mint and parsley. Sadly these plants struggled in the difficult space, but our efforts did encourage the renewed care of these planters and the following year we found them planted with bright flowers. The begonia flowers in the middle are even edible!