Planning meeting 9.9.2015

Present: Toni (TM), Sandra(SC), Marie(MC), Rebecca(RJ), Lorna(LM)

Apologies: Elsa, Rosie, Axel, Justine

1. Introductions

2. Agenda

3. Updating on Current Spaces
– Ashley Court: gooseberries, chive, mint, borage, strawberries are growing well. Parsley, thyme and rosemary were planted and signs were added (see more here)
We decided to contact housing association; community development officer … (TM to find info, MC)

РNorfolk planters:  They need someone to water them before we can add any more plants and signs. We would like to try to involve shopowners (MC!)

– Daily Bread: Everything is growing well and people are helping themselves!
Our 1st produce swap stall was organised at this space (see more here): 20-30 people; mainly beans and apples, also fennel, courgette, edible flowers. It went well and we will definitely do it again in the future.

We have to go to remove summer plants and add autumn/winter plants  in October (SC to give a date): winter wheat; pak choi, chard?, winter spinach, set onions, fruit bushes

There is now a gardening book section in daily bread cafe.

– George 4th Street: A little tree was removed. Nicely, people watch and care about the space. Strawberries doing very well! Parsley and mint were added.
Ask about bare patch – raised bed or new tree?

– Roundabout: Come on the Sunday 4th October, morning to pick the chard!
What to plant around the outside – perennials, so people will pick them
How to prune summer raspberry
Council stopped mowing grass?it’s not a problem but worth finding out their current policy
More bulbs?
– Roman court – waiting on response of housing officer
– Milton Road Library abundance, drop by to say hi and mention edible roundabout (SC)

– Abbey Orchard: We discussed doing a joint carpentry workshop (check with LM)

– Histon Road – needs signage once replanting is certain

– Shelly Row (TM – send sign to someone to laminate)

– Wycliffe – needs more cardboard – might be a good task Paul’s people
speak to the neighbours to find local primary space carer/coordinator

4. Potential Spaces
– Geoff/ARU – raised bed/permaculture; SC to be in contact with him
– Murray Edwards – tricky for “learning garden”(RJ) but ok for gardening club
– Sherbourne Court – TM to speak with Cllr Manning again
– Proposed Milton Road space no good anymore – bill boards since put up there
– Kings Hedges community house – 37 Lawrence Way – next to tesco and fishnchips – gardening session last saturday of each month

– Arbury Court (in front of the library)- we should try to contact the library (go there one day?) Evan- who does raised beds there? (TM)

– Barnwell parade?

5. Admin + other
– Art grant to make art work on the raised beds at the Daily Bread space
– Go out and put signs up on all spaces and on public edible plants in town (MC): we need a list of the spaces where signs are missing
– Video of garden initiatives – Anthony Carpen?(MC)