Pink strawberry flowers at ARU raised beds

Anglia Ruskin University’s raised beds hosted a gardening session on Saturday the 14th of May. Erica, Nermin, Geoff and Stéphanie from ARU were joined by Sandra and Toni from Growing Spaces.


We discovered a strawberry plant in the herb bed with beautiful bright pink flowers. Apparently it’s a Pink Panda strawberry and is mostly grown for ornamental purposes.




The session started – as most gardening does – with weeding. Nermin and Sandra weeded the raspberry bed and Erica made sure that the dandelions in the strawberry patch didn’t spread.




And thankfully after the weeding, we did some planting. Sandra brought broad beans, mizuna and some young tomato plants so we added those to the raspberry bed. Toni also brought broad beans and some peas. We planted the peas directly in the soil and Nermin took some home to grow on the window sill.




If you’d like to join us at The Plot for a gardening session, please email Stéphanie or Geoff. You can also join the Facebook group.