Meeting 17.6.2015: Things to do! :)

Tasks: We are trying out a “buddy” system, where everyone with a task has a partner who checks in whether they have done the task or helps them do it. This is shown below with a “/”, e.g. “TASK Elsa/Ivan” means “Elsa will look into it, Ivan will follow it up eventually”.

If you see a task without a name behind it, or one with names that interests you too, or a trailing “/” you are very welcome to pipe up ( and lend a hand.

Elsa, Ivan, Rosie T., Helen, Toni

Apologies: Sandra, Marie, Justine, Axel, Alba

1. Cake!

Hurray for many great things accomplished:

  • The Daily Bread space was set up in a day – looking gorgeous
  • Wycliffe Road mulching
  • The Nursery! and distribution of plants to spaces
  • MW Orchard planting: herbs, tomatoes, bay tree…

  • 2. Current Spaces

  • See 1.
  • Space/nature viewing at Nightingale Park July 3/4; TASK Toni tell list DONE
  • new Wycliffe date TASK Justine/Axel DONE
  • Plants: Saturday nursery – to be posted on mailing-list TASK
  • Rosie T connect to Rosie L – TASK Toni/ DONE
  • Aldi: can the council water? Toni/Elsa
  • shift soilTASK Ivan/Toni/Helen DONE thanks Ivan!

  • 3. Potential Spaces:

  • Coop Milton Road – 5/6m*1/2m space, wall at the back; store being refitted; community pioneer staff member. TASK Ivan/Rosie
  • Burleigh St planters – could council put some in? TASK:speak with council officers
  • Pallet gardens: Riverside; start with prototype; get approval from neighbours – leaflet for neighbours, meeting, webpage…
    Could turn into: Making at events. vertical garden… Rosie/Ivan/Helen skillshare – reeconomise; put onto Project list
  • Barnwell: Keith mail – TASK Toni
  • River field: investigation, possible site visit Ivan/Helen/RosieT
  • Arbury Court — TASK Helen to approach/Toni
  • NW development: Elsa on list for Mark P TASK Toni/Elsa/Dawn

  • 4. Admin

  • Leaflet; fix grammar, add thanks TASK Toni/Helen
  • Project list TASK Toni/
  • Task list TASK Toni/
  • UnLtd Funding – look for money TASK Toni/RosieT
  • Press releases: Daily Bread TASK
  • Meeting with council officers happened – waiting for followup
  • Sign templates for Aldi Toni/Elsa DONE
  • Beekeeping: Group could happen – contact existing keepers to GS them TASK
  • Permaculture convergence: TASK RosieT/Ivan to ask details of organisers; Early september
  • Vee site: charlotte contact to Helen TASK Toni/Helen
  • rebrand to include the “edible” in our name? Nice acronym possible?<\li>

    5. IncredibleEdible Paris:
    Marie will be visiting and asked for questions:

  • What do they do?
  • How many spaces do they have?
  • How many people?
  • Do they have funding?
  • Do they have a nursery? Where do they get their plants from?