Courgette plants at ARU raised beds

It’s only been three weeks since our last gardening session but the raised beds definitely need our attention in the summer months. The herb bed looks much the same but we recently identified the plant Par-cel. It’s a cross between parsley and celery. It smells delicious and Stéphanie can vouch for it adding a lovely flavour to stock.


Nermin brought along some pea seedlings that she had grown in pots as well as two courgette plants. We’ve give the courgettes plenty of space and hope to enjoy the fruits of our labour this summer.


We planted some peas directly in the soil at our last gardening session but the ones Nermin grew were definitely happier. This may be because there were no snails around to eat them.


We moved all the broad beans to the raspberry bed and will create a shelter for them so that they don’t blow over.



If you’d like to join us at The Plot for a gardening session, please email Stéphanie or Geoff. You can also join the Facebook group.