A frog at ARU raised beds

There are three raised beds on the Anglia Ruskin University campus in Cambridge, behind Peter Taylor house.

Geoff, Giuseppe and Stéphanie spent Sunday 10 April tending to the beds and created a new one too. One of the beds contains herbs (including chocolate mint) so we added some garlic as well as another rosemary bush, onions and some more mint.


Rebecca from Nightingale Park gave us some strawberry plants so we decided to create a whole new bed for them. The soil is heavy clay so we added three inches of leaf mould and compost to the area. We’ll add straw at a later stage to make sure the fruit doesn’t touch the ground and rot.


On one of our trips to the compost heap we came across this adorable frog. As you can see from the picture, he didn’t hop away and was quite happy to pose for a picture!


If you’d like to join us at The Plot for a gardening session, please email Stéphanie or Geoff. You can also join the Facebook group.